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Welcome Global Certificate Program Leaders!

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with the UNM Global Education Office (UNM GEO) to propose a global certificate program at The University of New Mexico. UNM GEO is committed to building international capacity for academic units, faculty, and global partners through a variety of support services and through its global certificate programs.

This is a recruitment-based, brand building global certificate program offered by UNM GEO. Under this model the participants are not registering for courses, generating credit hours, or receiving UNM transcripts. If students need academic credit for their participation, we recommend this be granted by their home institution. 



Global certificate programs focus on the enhancement of specific academic, research, or career development skills and are offered at different times throughout the year. Programs can be custom designed for institutions and collaborators or participants may enroll in open enrollment programs as they are available. 

Capacity Per Program   

Minimum enrollment: 15 participants   

Maximum enrollment: 30 participants

Language Requirements 

Typically provided in English unless otherwise specified. The TOEFL score ranges between 400 and 520, depending on program requirements and design. 

Program costs include 

(1) On-campus accommodation and meals, (2) Medical Insurance, (3) Transportation in the city, (4) Access to the University of New Mexico’s facilities, (5) Curricular content, (6) Issuance of documents needed to obtain a student visa, (7) Professional visits and excursions, (8) Cultural excursions, and (9) Certificate of Completion. 

Program cost is dependent upon the design of the program, but can range from $1,750 USD for a 2-week program to approximately $3,500 USD for a 4-week program per participant. 

Program Preferred Months: October, November, February, April, June, July 


Program Proposals


Global Partners: 

Please complete this questionnaire. The completed questionnaire will allow the Global Education Office to develop a budget, timeline, and shared understanding on desired program content.


UNM Faculty/Instructors: 

Please designate a faculty or instructor to serve as the program content lead for your Global Certificate Program. Lead faculty or instructors support the program under this collaboration by providing: curriculum development, booking and/or coordinating classroom/lab facilities, and staying within the established budget for expenses related to delivering program contentExpenses include payments for additional contributing faculty, instructors, program content providers, course materials, equipment, transportation, copies, and lab/facility fees, or othersAll of these expenses should be accounted for during this pre-program process. Lead faculty or instructors should alert UNM GEO as soon possible to any potential issues that may impact the budget.  

During the program, faculty and instructors should contact UNM GEO promptly if there are any concerns about participants, especially related to student code of conduct and academic integrity requirements.  

Please complete this questionnaire. The completed questionnaire will allow the Global Education Office to develop a budget, timeline, and shared understanding on desired program content. 


Support from Global Programs 

Assistance with Planning and Conducting Your Program 

As part of the collaborative experience, UNM GEO can provide the administrative and logistics support for the program which can include: 

  • contract/grant management 
  • pre/during/post reporting to sponsor 
  • financial management  
  • issuance of visa support documents  
  • management of immigration status/data 
  • development of public relations materials 
  • hosting of opening and closing ceremonies  
  • provision of health insurance 
  • housing 
  • meals 
  • transportation 
  • issuance of a Lobo ID 
  • access to campus resources such as libraries, computer labs, and gymnasium 
  • issuance of official certificate of completion with stamped University seal.  

UNM GEO can also provide direct participant support to ensure students’ needs are met and host a variety of cultural activitiesThese elements are applied according to the final program design and source of funds. 

Every program is unique and we anticipate the need for flexibility and adjustments within the parameters of the budget. We strive to provide a rewarding and invigorating experience for all who participate in our Global Certificate Programs. We sincerely value the relationships we build through these collaborative programs. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us or ask questions at any time.  


Sue  Wilder, Ph.D.
Global Programs Manager
The University of New Mexico 
Global Education Office 
+1.505.277.6051 |


Gail  Masutani 
Global Programs Specialist 
The University of New Mexico 
Global Education Office 
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